Welcome to the ASCAP Wellness Program

If creating music is your life, ASCAP’s mission is to support you every step of the way. And that means supporting the whole you. The ASCAP Wellness Program is designed especially for our music creator members, intended to help nourish your body, mind and spirit so you can be your creative best.

I’m super excited and grateful that ASCAP has made a commitment to helping artists be mindful stewards of their own bodies and hearts, so that they can be the best musical messengers of optimism, wellness and healing possible.

— Michael Franti, musician, humanitarian, filmmaker and activist

WATCH: The Path to Wellness for Music Creators

To reach optimum creativity, you need to take care of your mind, body and spirit. Fortunately there are simple methods you can practice that will help you achieve that whether you’re working at home, in the studio or on the road. Join world-renowned musician and wellness guru Michael Franti and a roundtable of experts, who will share tips and techniques for staying balanced on your musical path.

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Advice for Creators Anxious About Readjusting to Post-Pandemic Life

Need help getting your creative mojo working again? You're not alone. Many creators haven't been able to nourish the skills and community integral to their livelihood or identity during the pandemic. Here's some expert advice for how to gradually readjust along the path to a post-pandemic life as a music creator.

ASCAP Wellness Advice

  • How Running Can Help Creators Boost Creativity, Mood and More

  • How Recovery Helped This Creator Navigate the Pandemic

  • The Benefits of Quality Sleep for Creators (And How to Get More of It)

  • 6 Ways Creators Can Benefit From Meditation

  • Stuck at the Computer? Reduce Stress on Your Body with These Physical Therapist-Approved Tips

  • 4 Ways for Creators to Safely Find Community During the Pandemic

  • 7 Ways Music Can Help Reduce Stress and Anxiety

Innovative Wellness Services

ASCAP members get access to, and significant discounts on, services that support mental health, mindfulness, exercise and nutrition.

Take your gym experience from same-old to sweat fest with Aaptiv's engaging audio workouts, led by expert trainers and featuring your favorite music. ASCAP members pay just $7.50/month, a 50% savings on the regular price.
BetterHelp offers private & professional counseling by chat, text, video or phone. Get matched with a licensed therapist within 24 hours for convenient and confidential online counseling. Anytime. Anywhere. ASCAP members get one month of free professional counseling.
Daily Burn offers thousands of workouts on-demand and provides personal fitness guidance, encouragement and motivation to help those from all levels and lifestyles achieve everyday victories. ASCAP members get 60 days of Daily Burn for free!
Doc On The Go is your link to Teladoc, a leading telehealth service provider. Connect with qualified healthcare practitioners for low-cost, high-quality telemedicine consultations that fit your schedule, with no copayments and no limits on usage. ASCAP members and their families receive more than 60% off Doc On The Go’s standard subscription plans.
The Shine app makes being kind to yourself part of your daily routine. Every weekday morning, Shine gets you motivated with affirming messages. You can also unlock hundreds of guided meditations and research-backed programs on calming anxiety, feeling resilient, and building confidence. ASCAP members get 55% off an annual Shine membership.
MusiCares & ASCAP Wellness Program cyber support groups

The ASCAP Wellness Program has partnered with MusiCares® to launch new recovery support groups in multiple cities, plus weekly cyber emotional support groups for women in music, the Black music community and the LGBTQ+ music community.

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