ASCAP employees are proud to be part of a community of music creators and supporters. Collectively, we are experts in the music and media businesses, technology, licensing and copyright. Individually, we are music fans, and passionate about helping those that create music.

Elizabeth Matthews
Chief Executive Officer

Elizabeth Matthews is Chief Executive Officer of ASCAP, the American Society of Composers, Authors & Publishers (ASCAP), a membership association of m...
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Katherine Hinchey

Chief of Staff


Nicole Carbone-Rogers

Senior Vice President, Head of Events


Jasmine Rosner

Senior Vice President, Finance & Controller

Human Resources

Patty Erickson

Senior Vice President, Head of Human Resources

International Affairs

Tony Dunaif

Executive Vice President & Head of International Affairs

Elizabeth Rodda

Vice President, International Affairs

Miew Lan Chan

Principal, CML Consultancy Services


Stephanie Ruyle

Executive Vice President, Licensing

John Johnson

Senior Vice President, Licensing

Mark Sperling

Senior Vice President, Licensing

Matthew J. DeFilippis

Vice President, Licensing

John Bonaccorso

Vice President, Customer Experience

Hayley Dukes

Vice President, Licensing

Ray Schwind

Vice President, Licensing

Marketing & Communications

Lauren Iossa

Executive Vice President, Chief Marketing Officer, Marketing & Communications

Cat Seligman

Vice President, Senior Marketing Strategist

Erik Philbrook

Vice President & Creative Director, Marketing & Communications

Cathy Halgas Nevins

Senior Director, Public Relations, Marketing & Communications

Etan Rosenbloom

Senior Director & Deputy Editor, Marketing & Communications

Brittany Dalton

Licensing Marketing Director, Marketing & Communications

Kate Cordova

Director of Social Media, Marketing & Communications

Membership Group

John Titta

Executive Vice President, Membership & Chief Creative Officer

Nicole George-Middleton

SVP, Membership, ASCAP & Executive Director, The ASCAP Foundation

Loretta Muñoz

Assistant Vice President, Membership

Membership Group - Film & TV

Shawn LeMone

Senior Vice President, Film & TV

Michael Todd

Assistant Vice President, Film & TV

Jennifer Harmon

Senior Director, Film & TV

Amanda Shoffner

Director, Film & TV

Membership Group - Latin

Gabriela Gonzalez

Vice President, Latin Membership

Jorge F. Rodriguez

Senior Director, Latin Membership

Karl Avanzini

Senior Director, Latin Membership

Luis Castro

Associate Director, Latin Membership

Roberto Rivera

Associate Director, Latin Membership

Membership Group - London

Simon Greenaway

Vice President, Membership UK/Continental Europe

David Ryan Jordan

Director, Membership UK/Continental Europe

Membership Group - Musical Theatre & Cabaret

Michael Kerker

Vice President, Musical Theatre & Cabaret

Membership Group - Nashville

Mike Sistad

Vice President, Nashville

Kele Currier

Assistant Vice President, Strategic Services, Nashville

Evyn Mustoe

Director, Nashville

Beth Brinker

Associate Director, Nashville

Holly Chester

Membership Manager, Nashville

Membership Group - Pop/Rock

Marc Emert-Hutner

Vice President, Pop/Rock

Brian Reyes

Associate Director, Pop/Rock

Jason Silberman

Assistant Vice President, Pop/Rock

Jody Klein

Senior Director, Pop/Rock

Membership Group - Rhythm & Soul

Jonathan Jones

Senior Director, Rhythm & Soul

Jason Reddick

Associate Director, Rhythm & Soul

Membership Group - Concert

Cia Toscanini

Vice President, Concert Music

Michael Spudic

Membership Representative, Concert Music


Brian Roberts

Executive Vice President & Chief Operating Officer

Tristan Boutros

Executive Vice President & Chief Technology Officer

Peter Boyle

Senior Vice President & Chief Economist

Deepak Mohite

Senior Vice President, Software Engineering & Architecture

Nancy Neil

Senior Vice President, Distribution & Repertory

Seth Saltzman

Senior Vice President, Global Services Project Leader

Gyda Coley-Macklin

Assistant Vice President, Distribution Administration

Chetna Limbani

Assistant Vice President, Technology Delivery & Operations

Strategy & Digital Products

Nicholas Lehman

Executive Vice President, Chief Strategy & Digital Officer

Brooke Eplee

Senior Vice President, Strategy & Business Development

Ed Razzano

Senior Vice President, Administration Services

Michelle Rivera

Vice President, Digital Products

Jason Wallace

Vice President, Business Development