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ASCAP Members Wrote the Music With the Most in 2021

From the very first #1 song of 2021 (Mariah Carey & Walter Afanasieff’s “All I Want for Christmas Is You”) to the current #1 “Easy on Me” (co-written and produced by ASCAP writer-producer Greg Kurstin), ASCAP members were behind the most popular, impactful music of the year. The ASCAP family wrote and published #1 songs on 37 separate Billboard Year-End Charts, dominating Spotify’s most-streamed songs and albums rankings and setting world records in the process.

Advice for Creators Anxious About Readjusting to Post-Pandemic Life

Having trouble getting your creative mojo to pre-pandemic levels? You're not alone. Many creators haven't been able to nourish the skills and community integral to their livelihood or identity during the pandemic. Luckily, we've made it through one life-altering COVID-19 transition before, and we can do it again. To help, here is some expert advice for how to gradually readjust along the path to a post-pandemic life as a creator.

Eight ASCAP Members Earn 2022 Golden Globe Noms

The 79th Golden Globe Award nominees have been revealed – and ASCAP legends are raking in the honors.

The ASCAP Foundation Honors Champion Next Generation of Composers and Songwriters on December 14 Virtual Event

Filled with enchanting performances and inspiring presentations, the upcoming ASCAP Foundation Honors 2021 online event promises to delight audiences near and far while recognizing this year’s gifted award winners.

Music Unites Us

It's a tough time for music creators. Visit our Music Unites Us page for resources to keep you healthy, creative and financially stable during the coronavirus epidemic.

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