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Honoring the music that has elevated the ASCAP repertory for generations.Ensuring it will have an impact for generations to come.

In Memoriam: ASCAP Family We Lost to COVID-19

Read about some of the beloved ASCAP family members we lost during the pandemic.

Your music withstood the test of time. So should your royalties.

Find out how estate planning can help your music benefit your successors, long after you wrote it.

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ASCAP @ The Library of Congress

Explore riches from The ASCAP Foundation Collection in this virtual exhibit, hosted by the Library of Congress. 

The ASCAP story

ASCAP was the first PRO in the US, founded in 1914. As the music business has evolved, we’ve evolved right along with it. But we remain committed to protecting the livelihoods of songwriters, composers and publishers that call ASCAP home.