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Our music is the world’s music.

In 1919, ASCAP signed our first agreement with a foreign performing rights organization (PRO). Today we have reciprocal agreements with more than 80 PROs around the world. We are proud to work closely with our global partners to ensure that music creators and publishers get paid, wherever their music is heard.


Our international advantage

From our involvement in international music organizations to the innovative programs we’ve developed to make international royalty tracking more efficient, ASCAP is a global leader in music rights.

International resources for ASCAP members

How to Maximize Your ASCAP International Royalties Here are five ways to make sure you're getting everything you deserve.
International Statement Guide Our quarterly international statements provide data on the country and medium in which your music is performed. Here's how to understand yours.
International Tax Reporting Guide If you earned performance royalties from a foreign society that withheld taxes, you may be able to reduce your US tax liability.

ASCAP Latino

Representamos a los mas grandes creadores de música en todo el mundo Latino.

ASCAP is always looking out for the best interests of songwriters, and everything they do comes from the heart. It is great to be a songwriter with ASCAP in your corner.

— Carlos Vives

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