Nowadays, we live in a digital, intelligent and networked era. The development and popularization of Information and communication technologies plays a fundamental and leading role in global economic and social development. However, we have recognized that cybersecurity threats are becoming increasingly complex and volatile around the world. These threats are not limited by time and space, which have already posed numerous challenges to global cybersecurity.

Data centers are the critical information infrastructure for the development of the digital economy, which support data being stored, processed and exchanged, so their security is very important. Therefore, cybersecurity has already become a great concern for governments, service providers and operators, enterprises and users around the world. As a global leader in smart computing, Inspur Electronic Information Industry Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Inspur Information", "we" or "the company") is committed to providing advanced computing platforms and solutions for cloud computing, big data and artificial intelligence. We understand that product cybersecurity is of utmost importance to our customers and recognize that the customers expect to deploy the products that meet the high-security standards. Therefore, we have developed a product security policy in which cybersecurity is regarded as one of the top priorities during product development and delivery.

Inspur Information product security goals and practices are committed to delivering secure and trustworthy products and services for the customers. To achieve this, under the company's strategy, based on compliance with the applicable laws, regulations, and standards of relevant countries and regions, and by reference to industry best security practices, we have established and implemented a comprehensive end-to-end product security assurance system. We are constantly raising employees'cybersecurity awareness and abilities of all employees, and endeavor to provide secure and trustworthy products and services for our customers.

Furthermore, we also deeply understand that cybersecurity governance is a complex task, and it requires the cooperation of the whole industry chain. Adhering to openness and transparency, we are willing to communicate and collaborate with all parties to constantly optimize our management and technology practices, and improve our product security assurance system.

We also warmly welcome your feedback to help us further improve our processes and technology, so that we can provide high-quality products and services for our customers.