In energy industry (such as oil, gas and electric power), new generation ICT technologies are becoming important means for energy enterprises to improve production, operation and management level. Especially for enterprises in the midstream and downstream of the industry chain, e.g. those engaged in transportation, storage, distribution, and sales of energy products, cloud, big data, AI, IoT, 5G and other ICT means are strongly driving the digital transformation and reshaping the new productivity of enterprises.

Inspur Solution

Inspur, the global leading cloud computing and big data service provider, government and industrial solution provider, focuses on energy industry, fully utilizes our technical advantages and provides customers with comprehensive ICT-based solutions covering business process of energy product purchasing, storage, transportation, distribution, delivery, sales and enterprise operation, monitoring, management and business analysis.

Smart energy solution

Integrated operation management platform

The platform integrates various data within enterprise systems such as business system, customer service system and financial system and offers comprehensive monitoring and intelligent analysis of business operation, product storage, key area, park environment and other concerned factors.

Operation monitoring

Utilize video, IoT and 5G, provide visual monitoring of energy business operation activities, energy product status and related environment conditions to ensure the safety, security and efficiency of enterprise operation works to discover potential problems and abnormal activities timely and support efficient emergency command and dispatch

Business analysis

Based on aggregated data from various data sources, provide multi-dimensional analysis applications on business operation, marketing campaign, customer behavior, risk, management performance and other topics

Intelligent decision

Based on visual management view, complete reports and analysis, provide full support of intelligent decision making on enterprise strategy planning, business optimization, market development and risk pre-warning

Smart gas station

By intelligence reconstruction and transformation, Inspur can help implement smart gas station reform, integrate various sensing data from intelligent devices and operation data from various business systems, and offer comprehensive gas station monitoring and analysis to assure safe and efficient station operation and improve the marketing effectiveness.

Regarding refined oil and other products sold in gas station, it can monitor gas station sales and inventories, manage product distribution plan and monitor distribution progress and transportation and delivery status.

Communication network operation support

Communication network is also critical for routine production, operation and management. Inspur has rich experiences of network operation, monitoring, maintenance and management. Inspur can provide centralized network management system, enable real-time network monitoring, problem discovery, rapid troubleshooting and efficient maintenance for high-quality energy production, operation and management support. Furthermore, Inspur has total network service fulfillment and business operation solution to help energy enterprise transform business and create added value based on existing assets.

Key Feature

  • Comprehensive monitoring

    cover monitoring of energy business activities, energy product status, related environment conditions and operation and maintenance works

  • Multi-dimensional analysis

    provide diverse topical analysis on energy product purchase, sale, stock, market development, cost, enterprise risk, etc.

  • Management decision support

    support whole process of energy product purchasing, storage, transport, delivery and sales

Key Value

Provide efficient enterprise operation management and decision support tools

Promote enterprise transformation and innovation and reduce enterprise operation cost

Comprehensive monitoring and scheduling of whole process covering energy product purchasing, storage, transport, delivery and sales

Enable safe energy product storage and management with reduced manpower

Enable precise marketing and comprehensive business analysis

Case Study

Oil Industry
Integrated Operation Management Platform
Empower enterprise business operation management upgrade and transformation

For petroleum and petrochemical enterprise, Inspur platform enables intelligent monitoring and analysis for entire business process from oil product purchasing, storage, delivery to distribution, transportation and sales to remarkably help managers control various management activities comprehensively and support enterprise planning, assessment and decision-making.

In addition, focusing on gas station operation, Inspur helps implement smart gas station reform and provides complete station monitoring and comprehensive analysis to improve station operation efficiency and marketing effect.

Power Industry
Professional Operation Support Systems
Assure power communication network operation and empower business innovation and transformation through service provisioning suites

Relying on rich telecom network management and operation support experience and practices, Inspur professional network management products help electric power companies to monitor network running conditions, handle network problems, manage network resources and schedule network circuit to assure power dispatching, relay protection, safety and stability control, automatic operation and coordination works.

On basis of existing abundant infrastructure resources such as optical fibers, sites, towers, poles and trench, Inspur APS (Automatic Provisioning System Suite) help power companies to conduct new business mode, reuse these infrastructure resources and provide services for external telecom service provider to monetize these existing assets maximum and realize excellent business innovation and transformation.

Gas Industry
Integrated Operation Management Platform
Enable comprehensive operation monitoring and management of gas and communication network

For gas companies, Inspur platform help to supervise gas operation, monitor gas pipeline network operation conditions and analyze the gas usage and inventory. By the platform, customer can have a comprehensive view of gas production, operation, gas network and gas consumption and support gas production safety assurance and decision-making.

Regarding to gas transportation espcially long-distance transportation using gas pipelines, Inspur professional integrated network management system helps to monitor the communication networks deployed along the gas pipelines and assure the pipeline transportation and operation.

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